Black and white... strip out the color of things, and sometimes truth can be seen as plain as day.  It is with this in mind that we're looking at Riona Langly on a cold, windy night in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The wind howls outside loudly, heard even in Riona's basement, where we see her.  She's seated in the corner of her training ring, a position we've seen her in before for many other promos.  She sits there, looking as though she's just finished a workout... sweat drips down from her face as her black hair hangs limply off her head.  She wears a typical workout look for her... White tanktop, and seemingly a black pair of workout pants.  Her hands are adorned with a pair of MMA gloves, currently opening a bottle of water.  She drains down about half of the bottle before closing the lid and rolling it away from her towards the middle of the ring.  She hangs her head a bit as she begins...

::Riona::"Jonothan Riker.  I really wasn't expecting much out of you as far as verbal wit, but this is... brutal.  I'm sorry, but every word out of your mouth this week has been a pure example of the cliched trite that led me to avoid EEW.  Yes, I was offered a contract, specifically for Burn if you must know, and they tried to throw the world to me in order to get me to try and join.  They saw Riona Langly as the type of person that would revolutionize EEW, bring it up to the level of the feds that it wants to mimic and rip off of.  But, I turned it down, obviously.  For one thing, it happened to be that they offered me this big contract deal in the middle of my year in Japan, and I wasn't ready to come back to the States yet.  This guy I know, he tells me that money is the root of all evil.  I keep telling him he's wrong... it's the persuit of money that really warps people.  I've got money, even in this economy, and yet it hasn't turned me into a monster.  Anyway... I don't do what I do because of the money.  As good as the money was to join up with EEW, the competition and quality I saw within EEW... was lacking.  I mean, there didn't seem to be anyone there that I would want to go up against, and certainly nothing that was interesting enough to rip me away from the Japanese fans, who I've said on numerous occassions are probably the best, most respectful fans on the planet Earth.  No matter how much I tried, I couldn't see myself in the same ring with such talent, and I use that term lightly, as Kelly King, or CwP, or Diego Alva.  Sorry Riker, but even the fact that you've held the EEW X-Treme Championship for over a year doesn't impress me all that much... After all, take it from me, it's not how long you hold a championship that defines the title, but rather, the people you defend it against."

"Yes, I know I seem like a hypocrite saying that after I went so long without defending the IC Title before I lost it.  Fact is, I look back on those 149 days, and see that in reality, my two reigns as Grizzly Beer Champion will be more remembered by history.  In that time frame, I was defending the title every other week, coming up with new ideas and interesting matches that, since I've moved on, has been dropped.  Now, the title barely gets one defense a month and most of the time, the gimmicks and stipulations are laugable.  The Ironman match between Hunter and Chamelion might have been the most interesting Grizzly Beer Championship match in the last 6 months, sorry to say.  I owned that title, and those reigns, they have defined the title more than anything else in the modern PWA era, and almost in the entire history of the title, though I know for a fact that Corey Lazarus would dispute that fact.  Riker... your X-Treme Championship Reign is impressive still.  Holding the title that long in these days shows that you know how to work within the style that you've been given with that title.  The problem is... this match here, it's not going to be contested under X-Treme style."

Riona sighs... she doesn't quite like destroying people as she's about to do.  There's something to be said for a nice, clean match of respect... This isn't going to be one of those.

::Riona::"You said in your little movie how you like to hurt people with your fists.  Good, in that respect, you're a man after my own heart.  To me, as good of a feeling as I get when I smash someone with a chair or crack them over the skull with a Singapore cane, I get even more of a rush when I use the most natural, and dangerous weapon of all, and that's the human body.  There's something... real about hurting people this way.  It's definative, final, and true.  You can't dispute when someone beats the shit out of you with their bare hands, and you can't deny the respect that comes out of those actions.  It's a pure way of combat... And it's something that I've grown increasingly, and perhaps to some, sickeningly fond of.  There's few things in the world that are as satisfying to me as the rush that comes when I hear the screams and agony from an opponent, and know that it's just me doing it.  I minored in human anatomy in college only to take my knowledge and use it in the ring...  I know how to torment the human body Riker.  I know almost 24 different ways that I could break your arm, for example.  But wait, knowledge is knowledge, and to use it in the ring, you have to be able to apply it...  Sure, ask those that I've been in the ring with this year how I can apply my knowledge.  Ask Jamie Flynn how his arm felt after I systematically destroyed it in our 60 minute draw in August.  Ask Viktor Stone how his ribs feel, or ask Hunter Sullivan how his leg is.  You used a Joker quote, so it's only fitting that I use a different character... I'm a mad dog.  No relation to the actual wrestler in EEW either."

"I see that you're in pain from something... and I attack it.  Just like any good technician worth their salt would.  The difference... I'm not a GOOD technician.  I'm World Class.  I'm the best Technical wrestler in the business today, and some would even call me the best alive.  I don't agree with the second, since Tommy Riley is ducking my challenges, but I'll take the praise when I can get it.  Fact is, Jonothan Riker, you really don't understand what you're up against this week.  Those hands of yours, the ones that you claim will squeeze the life out of me as you wrap them around my neck?  They aren't going to make a difference... Not when these hands of mine?  They're going to rip you to shreds.  Every chop I'm going to throw at you will feel like whips and chains tearing off your flesh.  My knees to the skull are going to feel like cannonballs impacting at high velocity.  My kicks will feel like you've been cut in half by katanas that only Hattori Hanzo could ever dream of creating.  I am going to make you suffer and wish that you hadn't of pissed me off... and in the end, I'm going to get you into the middle of the ring and lock in the Painkiller Overdose.  After all that I'll have done to you at that point, it will feel like a sweet, blessed relief when you start to slap the mat."

"But wait... you're supposed to be intimidating!  Frightening!  I'm supposed to be whimpering in a corner from you... Get real Jon, something I know you seem to have alot of trouble doing.  You create this mask, this image, in order to scare people.  Honestly, you shouldn't of even bothered with me.  I've been through too much to feel fear from the eyes of someone like you."

Riona pauses, lifting her head to the camera and softly sweeping a bit of hair out of her face.

::Riona::"I'm going to tell a story... These stories, they've been told before to the PWA audience, specifically when I was up against the Grim Reaper last year, but for alot of people these are new.  Fact is, the same remains true then as it does now.  Masks, personae... They don't scare me.  I know the intent, but a dramatic persona of evil, or of malice, loses all of it's bite when it's confronted by true, unadulterated evil.  Jonothan Riker... I've seen evil, and you're not even close to it."

"The first time that I saw evil, true evil, was in 2004.  I had just made my debut in HiC and wanted to make an impact, so I went out after my debut match and attacked Jimmy Ultros.  Some PWA historians may remember him as a former Grizzly Beer Champion who also had a hellacious series of matches against Corey Lazarus.  Jimmy had said some negative things about women leading into a match with Ai Mei Montrose, and I thought that if I was going to make an impact, it would be against his skull.  So, on the night of my debut, I did just that with a steel chair.  Little did I know then what I know know, as it was the very next week that saw me looking up at Jimmy Ultros as he stood in a ring just like this and tried to kill me.  He attacked me and one of my best friends in the parking lot with his goon Bruno Krong, and proceeded to beat me within 3 inches of my life.  He hit me with golf clubs to the back of my head, sent me through car windows, and obliterated my skull with multiple chair shots over what have been the worst 10 minutes of my life.  I saw myself at the end of this ordeal, blood pooling in my mouth from his attacks, as he stood over, me taunting me about his place above me... And I was too young, too naive to realize it.  I spat in his fucking face, with my blood dripping down it.  He got very serious there, and in those eyes, I saw true evil.  I saw him as he came this close to killing me right where I sat.  Had it not been for Tim Murphy, I might not be sitting here today.  Some people might wish that he hadn't saved me... but Ultros put me in a hospital bed for months, and those months of my career are those that I'll never forget, sitting helpless as Ultros and his friends battled with people defending my honor inside the WarGames cage at Genesis VI."

"Thing is... it wasn't the last time I saw evil face to face.  In 2006, I was a firm member of Thunderwolf's circle of friends.  And that saw me into joining CWA in the beginning of 2006.  While I lasted a year in that federation, having my first series of matches against Jamie Flynn and spending almost a year battling against Gia-Capone Stone, Thunderwolf didn't.  He ended up leaving PWA because of one man... One man who's name I will never forget and his eyes I will never forgive.  Nicholas Cole.  It was in March of 2006 that he and some of his friends from the reorganized MoA kidnapped myself and Matthew Engel after a match.  They strapped me down onto a table... I was helpless, my arms, legs, and head tied to it.  He got up on that table and pulled out a knife, looking like he was enjoying it for all the world as he took it and slowly sliced off every inch of clothing on my body.  Sitting next to me, was Matthew Engel, but he was in no position to help me as Cole's friends were sending volt after volt of electricity through him, forcing Virus to watch as Cole came this close to raping me in front of the cameras.  It didn't matter to me that he was using me in order to get at Thunderwolf's heart... The fact is, I saw evil, I saw malice, and I saw pain in Cole's eyes that night, and I'm very lucky today that he was unable to act out his threats towards me."

Riona brings her head back down... it's a painful story for her to tell, and she's not a fan of it.

::Riona:: "Jonny... The face of evil... wears a mask, just like you.  But Riker, the face of evil doesn't wear what most would label as scary masks.  He doesn't look like Project X, or the Grim Reaper, or even like Jonothan Riker.  He looks like your next door neighbor.  He looks like your pastor, like that girl taking groceries at the store, like the old woman you help across the street.  The face of evil, true evil, doesn't try and hide itself behind a physical mask, because they already wear them from society.  You're all talk Riker... I've seen murderous intent.  I've looked into the eyes of evil, and those eyes... are not yours.  I know you can't bring about the same emotion and hate that Jimmy Ultros did against me.  I know you can't call forth the same drive, focus, and hearlessness that Cole brought up.  You can't do neither of these things, and because of that, you cannot scare me.  I'm sorry Jon, but there is nothing that your mask, or your words, or your production values can do will make me fear, or even be intimidated by you."

A pause as she waits.

::Riona::"My gender, by the way, is a non-issue.  You were the one who brought it up, as you dismissed me as someone who was to be made out with.  Don't back peddle because I've proven myself to be more than you can handle.  Don't suddenly fear me just because I've beaten you in a war of words.  You're a hypocrite, and because I called you out on it, you're suddenly afraid of being exposed before your peers as the fraud that you are.  Well, there's nothing I can do about that Jon... You signed the contract to face me, you failed to do your research, and it is that sort of failure that defines you as the rookie you are."

Riona stands up and leans back into the corner.

::Riona::"I'm not telling you all of this because I hate you.  I just want you to understand what you're up against in the PWA.  We are not going to be afraid of you just because you say so.  This is your reality check, and I hope the lessons of this week will become apparant to you in the next.  This week, however, you've found yourself in my Path... For your own sake, do as I ask."

Riona snaps off one of her crux poses.

::Riona:: MOVE.