the lost

*** *** ***

Riona: "Well this is great, great fun. Tell me though... why are you slowly procuring all the people in the world who hate me and want me dead?"

It's early evening as Riona stands in the doorway to her home with her hands stuck across her chest, glaring daggers at her lodger. She's looked better, better in everyway, but I suppose it's to be expected. The same can't be said for Laura, who is positively glowing after her recent run of luck.

Through Riona's scowl she just smiles.

Laura: "Oh relax. You're just worried because she hates you."

Riona just arches an eyebrow. It says yeah without the need for any actual words.

"She hates everyone though. You're essentially in the clear."

Riona makes another face - an even better one this time - this one actually says: are you kidding me on, this bitch is crazy and you've brought her into my house. I have to sleep here. Laura is already gone though, a regular spring in her step.

"Yeah she's been like that for days. It's like she's in an actual good mood. It's kinda creepy and I don't like it."

Calista moves on as well into the house as Riona just shrugs her head. Then she turns back, rolls her eyes, as Alexis flashes her a big smile from the door way.


It's a little high pitched and entirely unexpected. Riona's stomach turns and her face curls but Alexis doesn't seem all there.

"Yeah, your Lisa's friend, right?"

Riona blinks.

Riona: "... I surely am!"

Alexis: "Huh, cool."

Alexis pats her on the shoulder, opens wide with a laugh and then staggers by, almost as is in a daze. Riona throws up her arms, it either says why me? I can't believe this shit or something to that effect. She looks less than pleased, and slams the door.


*** *** ***

"This is stupid."

"No, this is not stupid, this is entertainment. You want taken seriously, this is how you get it done. Just follow my lead."

The first voice clears its throat as the lights come up. Immediately
we're greeted by Calista Miller - who hair, seems to be dyed pink all of a sudden, perhaps for this occasion. In one hand she holds a set of cue cards and in the other she has a microphone - though considering we are just in Riona Langly's front room, it probably wasn't needed. Still, she went to the trouble of getting it and damned if she's going to use it as she rather joyously and emphatically introduces us.

Calista: "Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce to you... coming all the way from..."

She falters for a moment but manages to recover... in her own eyes at least.

"The back of the room. Your future PWA World Heavyweight Champion and current 2009 wrestler of the year..."

Yeah, you heard it.


Some impressive vocal control as she holds the note far far too long.


A sound byte then of some cheering covers up how few people are in the room as Laura arrives at a small podium setup in the centre of the room, and she looks utterly mortified. This was clearly not her idea.

"Yeah... I'm not going to do this."

Calista: "What are you talking about, this is potentially potential gold we've got here! A regular promo for the ages."

Calista pleads her case but it's clearly not getting through. She throws her arms up in protest and we move on to something else.

*** *** ***

Laura: "They say once you're at the top, you can only really go down."

So more traditional for heroine, adjourned to a simpler, quieter scene. The assembled cast still remain: Riona on a couch behind the camera, looking ever so unhappy as Alexis lies face down, once more out of it, drooling on her knee. And Calista, just off stage to the side, offering further, unrequested, unnoticed directions.

The focus however is all Laura, stood straight before your eyes, still a smile, confidence a rain from every pore.

"Now lets not get ahead of ourselves, I'm not quite there yet - I've got at least another month to go before my title shot comes around.

"No, quite the contrary, I'm talking about the BWF."

She claps her hands sharply, her tone is almost whimsical.

"Years and years ago now, following the painful demise of the HiC and sometime before the PWA we know now returned, the BWF was the place to be.

"Chamelion, Sirus, Blazenwing, McNasty, Raizzor - a lot of the stars who made there home here in the PWA at one time or another left their mark on the BWF, and cemented it as a place that will always be fondly remembered. And that quite plainly, is why this Genesis, the PWA will be showcasing a number of the BWF's greats in a sort of last hurrah for their companies cherished belt."

There's a pause as she deepens.

"Of course that depends who you ask. If you talk to, say... Alexis."

Who seems to snore louder on the mention of her name.

"She probably wont tell you anything good, she's still a little salty."

She smiles a little more and tilts her head. The colour fades from her voice.

"Still, it's a sweet sentiment, but, little more. What must be noted is that their time has long since passed, and beyond this little fair well exhibition, what remains of the BWF holds little place in this company of mine."

A pause once more as she closes her eyes just a moment.

"Of course though, I'm being overly resentful. This is a time of reflection after all. a chance to look back on the old before we press forth into the new, and I can't think of any way better than taking apart one of its most fondly remembered."

She clasps her hands near her heart.

"So this week then, like every other, I'm going to take you apart. And I do shall do this not simply because I can, but because I genuinely want to.

"You're a star of a by gone age Casey, and that's probably where you should have stayed, because I don't intend to make this pleasant.

"My star has never shone any brighter. I'm the PWA's premier rising athlete, taking the heads of anyone in my way who would dare think otherwise. It's becoming a regular who's who of the PWA - a Grand Slam Champion, the 2009 Wrestler of the year - for which they've seen fit to hand me stars from elsewhere, and I'm all about rising to the challenge.

"What's more is I'm going places, and while you'll be stuck fighting for a prize that's long since ceased to matter, I'll be busy cementing my position as the number 1 contender to the top belt in our game.

"That's a big step for me Casey, and I've never been so excited, nor anywhere as determined. So to that end I've amassed a lot of momentum, and if this is to be my last stop before Genesis then I've no intention of slowing down."

A moment to shake her head into the camera before she draws back. Everything is at pace, certain in itself.

"Quite simply, I'm on a roll, and I'm not about to let you stop that. And so I'll arrive to you determined, hungry and every bit capable of leaving you in the floor."

A little more smile, shark toothed and unpleasant... and all to familiar to some.

"There's little more to it than that Casey. Stacking us up as we are right now, from what each of us have shown, I'm smarter, faster, a damn site more talented and - at 5'3" - I've even got a much taller midget sidekick."

On cue Laura, without looking, reaches off camera and pulls Calista into view. The poor girl seems a little dumb struck, but that doesn't stop Laura pulling her in rather tightly under her arm.

"I'm the total package Casey, more so than you ever could have hoped for yourself, more than enough to undermine every goal and sick little thought you had in mind for me.

"And none of this is so much a slight on you, nor ever a question of your skills. It's just how it is, for you and everyone else. For anyone so bold as to step to me in the ring.

"Fact is, I'm something special, and by the end of this week I aim to make sure you're just one more person who knows that, whatever the cost."

She anticipates a comment from Calista, and promptly wraps a hand around her mouth.

"I can't breathe."

A muffled voice from Calista. A smile from Laura.

"So I look forward to our meeting Casey. I greet your arrival in my ring with open arms, and every intention of showing just how spirited and gifted I am, with every intent of having my way, with meticulous care, with yet one more of this industries top stars.

"With every aim of making you my play thing, my toy, and breaking you, like you'd somehow hoped for me, if only to show I can."

With her free hand she points a finger to the camera, aimed like a gun.

"With every care, with every aim, of making you just one more..."

She presses cheek to cheek with Calista and pulls the trigger. We immediately black out.

*** *** ***

Calista: "So you know he's got a midget sidekick, yeah? Did you also know he brings it with him?"

lump in Laura's throat. A definite tremble in her voice.

Laura: "I think you're going to have to come with me on this one."